What is SEO Hero contest?

SEO HeroSEO Hero constest was launched by Wix on 16th of November, 2016. The idea comes from Wix’s frustration and annoyance of certain SEO professional trashing their SEO. People say that Wix’s SEO sucks. I, for one, cannot agree nor can I disagree. I simply don’t use their platform. “Why?” – you may ask. Well, I am professional blogger and SEO specialist who has been into blogging and SEO industry for the past decade or so and I know for the fact that the best way to go about blogs and SEO is hosting your own blog(s).

What is the point of SEO Hero contest?

First of all, Wix is trying to prove that their SEO is great, therefore, they give 4 months for a brand new domain name to outrank them for keyword “SEO Hero“. They will disqualify any domain name that was registered before 16th of November, 2016. They will also disqualify anyone who used “unethical” SEO strategies. In my opinion, that is anything related to SPAM and automatically generated garbage links.

What is the prize for winning SEO Hero contest?

Winners of SEO Hero contest will get $50,000. Also, it will be the proof that Wix’s SEO is not as great as they brag about, especially, when a site that has been up for 4 months outranks a giant that has been up for 20 years or more. Not to mention, the winner of SEO Hero will be praised and he or she can add such a massive achievement to their resume. Imagine if you won SEO Hero contest and applied for SEO job somewhere in London. Your acceptance is almost guaranteed. That, or you could create your own SEO agency or add this to the portfolio.

Why am I participating in SEO Hero contest?

Well, I probably have too much time on my hands and I love challenges. This is going to be quite a challenge that I gladly accept. If I manage to win SEO Hero contest, I will proudly accept the cheque of $50,000. While this is not the kind of money that would change my life, still, $50K is a decent amount of money. You could say that you’d make $12,500 a month.

My insights about SEO Hero contest

First of all, this is not an easy challenge. You must consider the rules and the judge. You should also consider the fact that Wix is a giant with two decades of age. When it comes to SEO, this makes challenge very unfair.

According to Wix, they will also create Wix website (on wix.com) optimised for “SEO Hero“. If you take a look at Majestic metrics, Wix’s metrics look like this:

Wix's Majestic metrics
Wix’s Majestic metrics

If you look at it, it’s got 80 million links from 800K+ domains. While some people (who are probably not very good at SEO) may argue that they will create a new site and it should be fair and square, it is not, I am afraid. The domain’s power will affect the rankings. It is always 10 times (yes, this number is random) easier and faster to rank a page on very powerful domain name than entire domain (even if it is exact match domain) that is brand new.

Also, some people say that the judge of this SEO Hero is a friend of Wix and some arrogant SEO professionals argue that he might try to unfairly disqualify those who outrank Wix. I am not afraid of this. In case this happens, it will only render SEO Hero contest useless and Eran Hurvitz of MRKT360 INC will lose his reputation. This is not really worth it so I am certain it is going to be a fair competition.

So … challenge accepted!

My pledge if I win SEO Hero contest

If I manage to win SEO Hero contest and I receive a cheque of $50,000, I pledge to donate $25,000 to a charity of my choice (which I will announce shortly).

The reason why I am doing this (besides the cheque of $50,000 (or should I say $25,000 if I manage to win SEO Hero contest)) is a challenge and something awesome to add to my portfolio. I imagine that having a title of “SEO Hero contest winner” would allow me to work with blue chip corporations who would consult their SEO with me.